wood baking mold carvings

Wood Baking Mold Carvings

Some of these hand-carved wood cookie molds may still be available for purchase. Please inquire; however, the majority of the original carved cookie baking molds (Backformen) have been sold. You can purchase photographic art reproductions of these molds below for your country kitchen decor, your renovated contemporary kitchen space or your commercial bakery. Carvings by my dad, Otto Werner. Photography and digital presentation by artist


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Inukshuk Carving
Image 25-1
Inukshuk Carving
art prints of apple heart cookie baking mold
Image 25-7
Apfelherz Hex
art prints of hex sign cookie baking mold
Image 25-8
Young Love Hex
Waterloo County hex sign cookie baking mold art prints
Image 25-9
Awakening Hex
rooster cookie baking mold carving canvas art prints
Image 25-10
art prints of flower basket cookie baking mold carving
Image 25-11
Flower Basket
art prints of chicken cookie baking mold
Image 25-12
Baby Bear Log Sculpture
Image 25-13
Baby Bear Sculpture
Polar Bear Cubs Tree Sculpture
Image 25-14
Polar Bear Cubs
Willow Bear Wood Sculpture
Image 25-15
Willow Bear Sculpture
kitchen art prints of double heart cookie baking mold
Image 25-16
Double Heart
horse-drawn carriage cookie baking mold carving art prints
Image 25-17
Horse Drawn Carriage
kitchen decor art prints
Image 25-18
Double Circle
art prints of star of David cookie mold
Image 25-19
Star Of David
cookie baking mold kitchen art prints of horse
Image 25-20
grape harvest cookie baking mold carving canvas art prints
Image 25-21
Grape Harvest
Owl Log Carving
Image 25-22
Owl Log Carving
Owl Chainsaw Carving
Image 25-23
Owl Chainsaw Carving
Bear Footprint Table Art Prints
Image 25-24
Bear Footprint Table
Carved wooden baking mold art prints
Image 25-25
Carolus Magnus
madonna cookie baking mold carving canvas art prints
Image 25-26
woman cookie baking mold carving canvas art prints
Image 25-27
Woman Baking Mold
Fun Moose Sculpture
Image 25-28
Moose Sculpture
Pelican Carving
Image 25-29
Pelican Carving
Wood Carved Cookie Mold
Image 25-31
Cookie Mold
art prints of gingerbread woman cookie baking mold
Image 25-32
Gingerbread Woman
art prints of St. Nicholas cookie baking mold
Image 25-36
St Nicholas
Gingerbread Heart Cookie Mold Art Prints
Image 25-38
Heart Cookie Mold
Gingerbread Star Cookie Mold Art Prints
Image 25-39
Star Cookie Mold
art prints of nobleman cookie baking mold carving
Image 25-41

Affordable Art

With art prints, posters, art cards, acrylic prints and canvas prints available in many sizes framed or unframed, you can decorate your home, office or cottage livingroom, great room, bedroom, office, restaurant, retail or commercial spaces with this unique artwork at a price to suit every budget.

Designers & Decorators:

Shop for Art photography direct from artist studio and save on gallery markup. Purchase unique art for your clients including dining room art, living room art, great room and family room. Art prints and canvas prints of these wonderful relief carvings designed as cookie baking molds will provide excellent warmth and ambiance in your restaurant decor, renovated and updated bakery and deli spaces.


A native of Aachen Germany which has a richly recorded history of Aachener Printen baking molds, Otto Werner (1923 - 1991) hand-carved a series of beautiful wood cookie molds that can be used for baking printen, springerle, speculatius, shortbread, sable cookies and salt dough ornaments. He demonstrated exceptional artistry and skill not only with his hand-carved traditional motifs but with innovative intricate one-of-a kind carvings of his own design. Unfortunately, he only began carving in his later years and the relief carvings in this gallery are his only ones. We think you'll agree that these beautiful molds can be used not only for baking but can be enjoyed as works of art, as well. Inquiries welcome.