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Art Photography

Shop for art photography canvas and art prints direct from artist studio online below or in person at Koehler Art Studio Gallery. Artistic photography includes landscapes, nature, flowers and gardens. In my search for subjects to paint, I take many photos to use as reference in my studio. I could not possibly paint every beautiful view that I capture with my camera. Often these photos are exceptional in composition, light, color, detail and so full of drama to warrant the title of artistic compositions. I have included some of my favorites in this art photography gallery by artist


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shop for winter art photography
Image 21-1
Winter Ballet
walnut grove dawn art photography
Image 21-2
Walnut Grove Dawn
Misty river sunrise winter art photography
Image 21-3
Misty River Sunrise
shop for lilac photo
Image 21-4
meadow of white flowers in summer sunshine
Image 21-7
Snow In Summer
blue spruce art photo
Image 21-8
Blue Spruce Beauty
blue grass swaying in spring breeze art photography
Image 21-9
Blue Grass Melody
Art photo of birch tree through misty window raindrops
Image 21-11
October Weeps
Japanese Maple leaves in autumn sunshine art photography
Image 21-12
Crimson Autumn
artistic winter photography of river ice
Image 21-16
River Ice
eerie distant rain over lake Erie
Image 21-17
artistic photo of sunlight through stormclouds
Image 21-18
Heaven's Gate
Art photo of hillside iris garden
Image 21-19
Hillside Iris Garden
yellow iris garden art photography
Image 21-20
hoar frost on riverbank webs and weeds art photo
Image 21-23
Frosty Webs And Weeds
riverbank tracks in the snow
Image 21-24
Riverbank Tracks
Art photo of beautiful yellow lilies in garden cage
Image 21-25
Caged Lilies
miniature pansies photo for sale
Image 21-26
Happy Faces
Art Photo of purple irises
Image 21-27
Velvet And Silk
art photo of purple orchid
Image 21-28
Sun Drenched Orchid
photographic art prints of art glass
Image 21-29
Easter Treat
orchid photography prints
Image 21-30
Nature's Tiara
art photo of rose of sharon
Image 21-31
Garden Delight
nature photo prints of grass and creek
Image 21-32
Sundance Creek Grass
nature photography prints
Image 21-33
September Sweetness
Pendulum Swings
Image 21-40
Pendulum Swings

Affordable Art

With art prints, posters, art cards, acrylic prints and canvas prints available in many sizes framed or unframed, you can decorate any room in your home at a price to suit every budget. Shop for your favorite photo as an art print, canvas print and much more by tapping the images above to enlarge and visit the many options.

Inquire about the commission of an original painting, a price for ordering a painting of a favorite scene in your personal photograph collection or from my photograph collection above. All paintings are painted personally and with sensitivity by artist Hanne Lore Koehler. Satisfaction guaranteed. We deliver worldwide. International clients welcome!



My camera is an invaluable tool for my art. It is always within reach and allows me to capture a flash of movement, a fleeting moment of dramatic light, a simple facial expression.

When composing an action painting or portrait, I usually use a number of different photos as reference, combining elements that I like from each to create the composition that I'm looking for - the action from one photo, the facial expression from another, the lighting effect from a third, etc. Using today's technology makes planning a layout of a composition fun. I try different arrangements and combinations until I reach a desired effect and I catch myself smiling.

Just as life and technology have evolved over the past century, contemporary action art has also evolved, reflecting today's lifestyle and using today's technology. In my opinion, the artist with vision is the one who uses modern technology to his advantage. Even a traditional painter like me can take advantage of modern technology. Digital cameras make it feasible to take hundreds of photos of the same action and computer software can aid in combining different elements from different photos to create a layout of a composition to the artist's satisfaction. It is no longer necessary for artists to expect their subjects to pose for long, exhausting periods of time. With the aid of modern technology, today's artist can paint action-packed detailed images looking at a computer layout of photo combinations to produce contemporary realistic and action-packed paintings.

To be clear, I only use photographs as reference material for my original paintings, often producing detailed pencil drawings on the canvas before I paint. My snowboarding and skiing action paintings and action figure skating portraits are hand-painted original paintings done by looking at a photograph of the subject as if the subject were posing frozen in time in my studio. They are NOT painted over top of a mechanically reproduced photograph."