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Custom Painted Wall Murals

This gallery features examples of custom designed painted sports action wall murals, landscape murals, commercial murals and children's murals by mural artist Hanne Lore Koehler. Original murals can be painted directly on your wall or on canvas in my studio to be shipped to your location and applied to your wall either on a stretcher frame or pasted like wallpaper.

Shop for original painted mural designs direct from artist studio online below or in person at Koehler Art Studio Gallery. Commission a hand-painted custom designed commercial mural for your retail store or a custom sports mural for your community center, athletic complex or gym. Commission a professional custom hand-painted original one-of-a-kind mural for that special space in your home. Commission a custom painted children's mural for your daycare facility, playroom, pediatrician office or child's bedroom by artist


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sports mural
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Sports Murals
Formula One Race Car Wall Murals
Image 20-2
Formula One Mural
Harley-Davidson motorcycle wall mural
Image 20-3
Harley Hogs Mural
baseball wall mural
Image 20-5
Baseball Mural
women soccer wall murals
Image 20-6
Women Soccer Murals
surfer girl wall murals
Image 20-7
Surfer Girl Murals
bakery wall mural
Image 20-9
Bakery Wall Mural
German pub wall murals
Image 20-10
German Pub Murals
lake sunset wall murals
Image 20-12
Lake Sunset Murals
Japanese kanji symbols wall mural designs
Image 20-14
Japanese Murals
Paris wall mural
Image 20-15
Paris Wall Mural
fantasy island woodland lake sunrise scene
Image 20-31
Fantasy Island Mural

Affordable Art

Most of the custom murals shown above can be printed on demand as mural prints on vinyl to be applied to your wall like wallpaper. Depending on the image resolution quality, most images on this entire website can be reproduced as wall murals. You can decorate your bedroom or master suite, your living room or your renovated open concept spaces, your cottage by the lake or your city loft, your man cave or your dressing room with this unique artwork at an affordable price. Just search through the images and send me an email letting me know your choice and mural dimensions for a free estimate.




Inquire about a price for the commission of a custom painted wall mural or the creation of a large canvas work of art for your residential, commercial or institutional project. Ask about a special custom mural to suit your reception, office or board room wall. Your unique work of art will be created personally and with sensitivity by artist Hanne Lore Koehler. Satisfaction guaranteed. We deliver worldwide. International clients welcome!

Sports Wall Murals:
The kids will be ecstatic to have their favorite sports team in an action painting across an entire wall of their bedrooms. Imagine the fantastic atmosphere in your games room with a football, hockey, baseball or soccer mural on a feature wall! Your sports bar will certainly stand out above the others with an exciting sports mural like a Grand Prix mural, a Kentucky Derby mural or a Boston Marathon mural. Your physiotherapy or sports injuries clinic will be a delight to visit with a skiing mural, a kayaking mural, a surfing mural! Architects, Designers, Decorators agree that an action-packed sports mural will add atmosphere and excitment to a gym, community center, sports or recreational facility.

Commercial Wall Murals:
The hand-painted murals shown here include a Paris wall mural, sunset silhouette scenes, a wine cellar mural, an organic design mural, German Pub mural, Japanese mural, garden trompe l'oeuil mural, a Portugese country church mural, a bakery mural and a pastoral country farm scene. Search through the many images on this website for ideas or send your own photos for a unique personal subject for me to use as reference for a painting. I would love to design a custom mural to suit your particular commercial space!

Landscape Wall Murals:
Imagine a refreshing winter landscape scene, a gentle spring landscape mural, a soft summer landscape scene or a warm autumn landscape mural across the feature wall of your residential, commercial or institutional project! The possibilities are endless! Choose from any landscape scene on this website, a favorite view from your own photograph collection or request a mural of a specific landmark or region.

Children's Wall Murals:
Custom children's murals shown here are a three-story preschool daycare entrance stairwell mural called Furry Forest Friends, a church Sunday School mural of Noah's Ark, a beach scene mural of kids building a sandcastle with dragons called Dragon Castle, a bunny mural, a teddy bear mural, a mural of children playing and an enchanted Fantasy Island mural.

There is no better way to stimulate your child's imagination and creativity than with a wall mural in their space. Many psychological studies have shown that colors can affect a child's personality. Red can stimulate your child's mind with emotional feelings of excitement and passion but too much red can cause anxiety and restlessness, even anger and agressiveness; yellow is generally considered to be a sunny cheerful color that encourages energy and resourcefulness but too much yellow can have an irritating, disquieting effect; blue has a peaceful calming effect that can make your child productive and encourages the thinking process and motivation; orange can stimulate impulsive reactions, ambition, melodrama yet too much orange can cause feelings of confusion and agitation; green has a soothing comforting effect that encourages calm rational thought processes; purple can make your child alert and heightens the adventurous spirit, courage, enthusiam, ambition. These are all natural human emotions and qualities that should be allowed to flourish and develop in young minds. A wall mural that uses all these colors in combination can only act to stimulate a child's creativity and nurture his imagination to build a strong well-rounded character.

Parents should not only consider the PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOR when choosing colors for their child's bedroom but, of course, the child's interests when choosing a theme for a wall mural. Commission a Furry Forest Friends woodland creature mural, a princess mural, a dragon castle mural, a balerina mural, a race car mural. With a custom designed mural, your choices are endless. I would be delighted to design a custom mural for your child's specific wall or entire room around any theme or subject that peeks his/her interest. My murals are custom designed based on your vision and hand painted to suit your room dimensions decor and color choices.

It is also important to remember that eye level for preschool children is below 3 ft. Most of my preschool murals have the bulk of activity painted on the bottom half of a wall and are blended into the upper half. This keeps the wall from becoming too busy and visually overwhelming. Consider the Bunny Mural shown above - in this painting, all the bunnies are engaged in activities at or below the 3 ft. wall height. Flowers and foliage are blended into the upper portions of the wall to continue the fantasy and add depth and perspective to the wall.