flower and garden paintings

Flower And Garden

Add charm and freshness to your home with still life garden art and flower paintings direct from artist studio online below or in person at Koehler Art Studio Gallery. The hand-painted original watercolor, oil and acrylic art includes garden scenes with arbors, gazebo, rock garden path and flowers. Rustic hand-operated water pump paintings feature watering cans, clay pots, garden implements, old buckets and farm fences. Potting shed paintings feature gardening tools, greenhouse blooms, rock garden path and wheelbarrow paintings. From paintings of the wild country charm of English cottage gardens to well-groomed Japanese zen garden art, the vibrant strong artwork shown below will enhance your traditional home or cottage and bring warmth and character to the modern spaces of your up-dated contemporary home. The following works of art are by artist


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still life painting of garden water pump
Image 15-1
Morning Shower
flower painting of blue iris
Image 15-2
Blue Summer Iris
still life painting of garden shed door
Image 15-3
Door To My Heart
watercolor painting of poppies
Image 15-4
Poppy Passion
still life painting of garden water hand pump
Image 15-5
Country Charm
painting of garden water pump watering can and bucket
Image 15-7
Forgotten Treasures
white lily painting
Image 15-8
Lily White
watercolor painting of lily with pollen splatters
Image 15-10
Lily Fiesta
still life painting of garden shed wheelbarrow clay pots
Image 15-11
Garden Chores
close up painting of tulip
Image 15-12
Tulip Intimate
painting of yellow rose
Image 15-16
Yellow Rose Of Texas
painting of garden water pump watering can pots
Image 15-17
Shady Rest
Set of 6 Rose Paintings
Image 15-18
Roses To Love
still life painting of garden water pump
Image 15-19
Primed For Service
painting of garden tulips
Image 15-20
Moody Tulips
still life painting of garden arbors path gazebo
Image 15-21
Garden Path
watercolor painting of pink garden roses
Image 15-22
Garden Roses
painting of garden tools watering can clay pots
Image 15-23
Happy Chores
painting of wheelbarrow bird houses tools blooms
Image 15-24
Spring At Last!
painting of rusted tea kettles in the garden
Image 15-25
Kettle Cluster
painting of ferns
Image 15-26
Country Mailbox With Christmas Gift, Ribbons And Mitten
Image 15-27
Somebody Was Snooping
watercolor mailbox roadside garden
Image 15-29
Good News
watercolor birdhouse garden
Image 15-30
impressionistic painting of poppies and ferns in the garden
Image 15-31
Poppy Impressions
poppy garden impressionist painting and art prints
Image 15-32
Garden Impressions
watercolor and digital art flower garden
Image 15-33
Floral Illusion
watercolor flower garden fantasy
Image 15-34
Flower Fantasy
impressionistic painting of fictitious flowers in the garden
Image 15-35
Floral Fiction
abstract impressionist flower painting and art prints
Image 15-36
Floral Phantom
watercolor and digital art flower garden
Image 15-37
Evening In Springtime
abstract impressionist calla lily paintings
Image 15-39
Misty Mellow Morning
abstract lily flower paintings
Image 15-40
Lily Fiesta Garden
colorful digital flower harmony
Image 15-41
Dahlia digital abstract photo composite
Image 15-42
Dahlia Dreams
Colorful Autumn Maple Leaves
Image 15-43
Autumn Joy
digital painting over watercolor flower
Image 15-44
Tears In My Garden
Digital Dahlia photo composite painting
Image 15-45
Dahlia Fantasy
Image 15-49
Golden Asiatic Lily
Image 15-51
Golden Asiatic Lily
Flower Power
Image 15-52
Flower Power
Hydrangea Fantasia
Image 15-54
Hydrangea Fantasia


Most of my still life paintings depict a deeper meaning and emotion than is initially apparent. Through the use of visual metaphors, I try to create an atmosphere, a mood, a story. A rickety old overgrown hand-operated water pump in the garden stands like a monument to good times and magnificent moments or as a sentinel guarding precious blooms. Remnants of broken clay pots, rusty watering cans and galvanized buckets are testament to glory days past. Although these are essentially still life paintings, summer breezes echo through the swaying plants and in the flow of the paintings. The elusive shadows of dappled sunlight remind us of the passing of time. Enjoy while you can!

"My parents were avid gardeners and appreciated the beauty of each bloom. Their love for their garden was passed on to me. I can spend hours planting, transplanting, arranging rocks, building stone pathways, trimming shrubs, dead-heading flowers, etc. - getting lost in my happy chores. As I watch our children with their homes and lovely yards, I realize that I had the same influence on them.

To me, gardening is relaxing while excercising at the same time. The bonus is creating a beautiful environment while achieving a sense of accomplishment. Although at times it seems like "gardening" is a euphemism for "weeding" and the chore can get overwhelming when other things in life are more urgent, there is still a sense of satisfaction to getting the job done. I hope that my love of gardening is reflected in my paintings. An interesting old garden shed bursting with garden tools, wheelbarrow, old galvanized watering cans, clay pots, tulip, daffodil and gladiola bulbs sorted for planting are fascinating subjects to paint for me. Wind chimes, bird houses, decorative vines and rock walls are intriguing and when the last glimmer of sunlight of the day highlights the red tones of the terra cotta pot with a crack and broken chard, the scene has captured my heart and I am compeled to paint it.

With all the work that needs to be done in the garden, I find that I do most of my painting during the winter months. This is where the camera comes in handy. Recent technology has made the digital camera an invaluable tool for contemporary artists. We are able to take countless photos of the garden, different plants and spectacular blooms under different lighting conditions. Since the life of a flower is usually shorter than the time it takes to paint it and lighting changes from moment to moment, I find the camera is the only way to freeze that moment in time where the lighting is perfect, the bloom amazing. I find that painting a summer garden scene or flower during the winter brings twice the pleasure. I am engrossed in the detail of the bloom and forget about the blizzard outside my window.