still life paintings

Still Life Paintings

Shop for still life paintings direct from artist studio online below or in person at Koehler Art Studio Gallery. The strong works of art shown here will enhance the decor of your traditional home or office and bring warmth and character to your modern up-dated contemporary home, office or board room. These paintings can also be ordered as Mothers Day, Fathers Day or birthday cards. Make your newly renovated or familiar spaces come alive with a painting or print by artist


FEMININE STILL LIFE ART: Some of the hand-painted original watercolor, oil on canvas or acrylic still life art in this gallery traditionally appeals more to women. Still life paintings with a feminine touch feature lace doilies, lacy billowing curtains, raindrops trickling down a window pane, a frilly baby nursery. These watercolor paintings may include canning jars of homemade preserves, potpourri, flowers, baking supplies, scented oils, porcelain, china cups of steaming tea, flower wreaths, glowing candles, teddy bears, cookies and apple pie.

MASCULINE STILL LIFE ART: Some of the still life paintings in this gallery traditionally appeal more to men. These paintings for men may depict the warm glow of a cabin fireplace, fishing tackle with fly fishing baskets, duck decoys and snow shoes. You will find a rugged barn painting of saddle with cowboy hat, a cottage painting of life jackets with canoe paddles, cabin fireplace, rustic hurricane oil lamps. A fishing shanty print with carving tools would be perfect in your den or man cave.

MUSIC INSTRUMENT STILL LIFE ART: Add a touch of class to your home decor with a musical instrument still life painting. Below you will find an elegant conservatory, a cheerful music room, a charming attic, a sentimental music corner and sunny window scenes featuring collections of musical instruments that will enhance your classic traditional home and bring warmth and character to the modern classy spaces of your up-dated contemporary home.

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still life painting of objects on farmhouse window sill
Image 13-1
Window Treasures
lace curtain and still life objects on window sill
Image 13-4
Quiet Morning
still life painting of pears and preserves in window
Image 13-5
Morning Delight
still life painting of autumn leaves through open window
Image 13-6
Autumn Aromas
still life painting of duck decoys
Image 13-13
Autumn Memories
still life painting of saddle in barn
Image 13-15
Afternoon Delight
painting of fishing gear, canoe paddles and life jackets
Image 13-16
Where The Heart Is
still life painting of model ship and carving tools
Image 13-17
Warm Winter Pasttime
still life painting of hurricane oil lamps
Image 13-18
Rustic Relics
painting of Harley Davidson Motorcycle
Image 13-20
Harley Hog I
Harley Davidson still life painting
Image 13-21
Harley Hog II
still life painting of musical instruments in a conservatory
Image 13-23
The Conservatory
still life painting of piano in a sunny window
Image 13-24
Piano In The Sun
still life painting of violin and mandolin in attic
Image 13-25
Memories And Music
painting of piano violin and figurines in farmhouse window
Image 13-27
Virginia Waltz
still life painting of ice skates, diary and guitar
Image 13-28
Dear Diary
still life painting of musical instruments
Image 13-29
Simple Pleasures
violin and porcelain still life painting
Image 13-30
Sunshine Treasures
painting of duck decoys and snowshoes by a fireplace
Image 13-32
Warm Winter Wishes
painting of a violin and French horn
Image 13-33
Brass And Strings
still life painting of violin on piano bench
Image 13-34
Strings And Things
piano cello violin Frnch horn still life painting
Image 13-35
Any Dream Will Do
autumn leaves music intrument abstract painting
Image 13-36
Joyful Autumn Melody

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With art prints, posters, art cards, acrylic prints and canvas prints available in many sizes framed or unframed, you can decorate your home, office or cottage livingroom, great room, bedroom, office, restaurant, reatail or commercial spaces with this unique artwork at a price to suit every budget.

Inquire about the availability of an original still life painting, a price for ordering a painting of a favorite treasures in a personal still life composition or the commission of a still life painting for your fundraising project. Your painting will be painted personally and with sensitivity by artist Hanne Lore Koehler. Satisfaction guaranteed. We deliver worldwide. International clients welcome!

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Shop for still life paintings direct from artist and save on gallery markup. Purchase unique art for your clients including dining room art, living room art, great room paintings, family room paintings, art for executive offices and boardroom art direct from artist at wholesale art prices.


I do enjoy variety in my painting as in my life. Although I love the fast moving splashing watercolor of action paintings, sometimes the detailed intricate work of a still life painting can be calming and rewarding as well. If you look closely, however, even my still life paintings show a hint of movement: the shadow of a flitting bird on a feeder behind a frosty window pane, a steaming cup of hot chocolate, a sparking fireplace, a trickling raindrop on the window pane, all suggest that life goes on. We may try to capture a moment but time is elusive. How quickly the sunlight streaming in through the window changes and shadows move!"

For me, however, the still life paintings I create must not only be attractive and draw you, the viewer, in for a closer look but, when you actually take the time to examine one of my paintings more closely, I want you to be rewarded with a flood of unspoken meaning, a revelation, a story, a discovery, an emotion, a feeling, an opinion, a thought, a song. If a picture is worth a thousand words, it is definitely my still life art that should bring meaning to those words. Most of my still life paintings are very calming, soothing, relaxing to look at. There is a gentleness of spirit, a kindness, a love of humanity that permeates them and hopefully, your reaction to these images would be a mellow one.

I absolutely love to paint! Ultimately, I hope this feeling of enjoyment is passed on to you, the viewer. In my still life paintings, I try to convey a feeling of contentment, of joy in life, of awe in insignificant details. I would be thrilled to see you step back and take in the complete vision letting your mind wander. It would thrill me equally to see you step closer to one of my paintings, to examine the image and recognize a symbolic component, detect a subtle metaphor, discover a fresh insight that had gone unnoticed.

I like to tell a wordless story with my paintings, bringing back memories, awakening a feeling, heightening the senses. For instance, the image of the sun streaming into a sleepy summer afternoon barn conjures up the musty smells of leather and fresh-cut hay, instantly bringing back your memories of just such an experience; the warm glow and sparking embers from a November cottage fireplace contrasting against the icy cold beyond a frosty windowpane can create a cozy atmosphere and feeling of contentment; the hanging life jackets, canoe paddles, fishing tackle, snowshoes stored in an Ontario cottage bunky can instantly evoke lazy summer days on a raft in a sun-drenched lake, happy sounds of children laughing, belly flop splashes, sizzling burgers on the barbeque, evening stories and sing-alongs around a bonfire.