autumn landscape paintings

Autumn Landscape Paintings

The North American autumn landscape art in this gallery features colorful Canadian and American scenes by contemporary landscape artist Hanne Lore Koehler. Shop for autumn landscape paintings direct from artist studio online below or in person at Koehler Art Studio Gallery. From the breathtaking fall color of New England to the muted moody autumn atmosphere of a Northern Quebec or New Brunswick forest to a striking prairie sunset, these dramatic autumn landscape paintings are vibrant, rich and warm. Let a painting of a spectacular northern Ontario lake sunset in your dining room set the mood for romance.


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painting of autumn creek in woods
Image 12-1
Pebble Creek Autumn
polliwog creek in the woods painting
Image 12-2
Polliwog Clearing
Algonquin Park sunset
Image 12-3
painting of colorful Canadian autumn trees and rocks
Image 12-4
Raw North
Canadian autumn sunset
Image 12-5
Northern Gold
Lake Huron sunset after storm
Image 12-6
Fall color painting
Image 12-7
Fall Color
Painting of autumn woods reflecting in lake
Image 12-8
From The Dock
painting of colorful autumn trees and rocks reflecting in lake
Image 12-9
Echo Rock
painting of misty woods in autumn
Image 12-10
November Woods
painting of wheat field stormy sky sunset
Image 12-11
Prairie Gold
sunrise on Canadian Lake Muskoka
Image 12-12
Muskoka Dawn
colorful painting of wheatfield  prairie sky
Image 12-13
Prairie Sky
autumn stream waterfall colorful painting
Image 12-15
North Woods Song
painted autumn farm landscape scene
Image 12-16
Millcreek Farm
waterfall painting
Image 12-17
Sounds Of Silence
silhouette painting of lacy trees in autumn sunset
Image 12-18
November Lace
painting of Birch Island trees in autumn
Image 12-19
Birch Island Mist
painting of vibrant colorful autumn maple leaves
Image 12-20
Autumn Joy
sunset behind a weeping willow tree
Image 12-22
Weeping Willow Sighs
misty autumn woods creek waterfall painting
Image 12-23
My Elusive Dreams
Thunderstorm Over A Misty Northern Lake
Image 12-24
Listen To The Rhythm
autumn leaves falling over misty creek
Image 12-26
Misty Secrets
Washington Coast Ocean View
Image 12-27
Beyond The Rocks

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Inquire about the availability of an original autumn landscape painting, a price for ordering a painting of a favorite autumn scene in your personal photograph collection or the commission of a fall painting for your fundraising project. Your painting will be painted personally and with sensitivity by artist Hanne Lore Koehler. Satisfaction guaranteed. We deliver worldwide. International clients welcome!

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Buy North American autumn landscape paintings direct from artist and save on gallery markup. Purchase unique art for your clients including dining room art, living room art, great room paintings, family room paintings, art for executive offices and boardroom art direct from artist at wholesale art prices.


My love for the northern climate of North America should be evident in my landscape paintings. We have four distinct seasons (winter, spring, summer, autumn); each offers dramatic changes to the landscape that impact our activities, our clothing, our homes, our state of mind. I look forward to each season with renewed anticipation of a change in routine. To me, the change in seasons is like traveling abroad to a different climate for a three month vacation without leaving. A new season will change a scene dramatically within a few weeks, offering a fresh perspective to the landscape. The rich vibrant Autumn colors that seem to blow in on a warm September breeze exemplify this change.

I try to incorporate this sense of movement into my paintings, to make them burst with life. A landscape with rustling creek or rising early morning mist or billowing clouds is very appealing to me to paint. The colors of fall, in particular, which last only a few weeks, seem to represent the changing seasons, changes in life, anticipation of the future and movement in the painting seems to be a natural portrayal of the season.

"Southern Ontario, Quebec, the Atlantic provinces of Canada and the north-eastern United States are very colorful in the Autumn. Deciduous trees such as Maples, Sumacs, Birch that have provided common uncomplicated insignificant green background throughout the summer, suddenly become the main attraction in the fall landscape. With warm to hot rich color palette of yellows, oranges, reds and browns, the simple watercolor splashes of a colorful clump of trees in the sunlight against a distant woods and contrasting cool blue sky can become the striking focal point of today's "neutral tone" designed spaces. When Autumn paints the waves of hills ablaze in glorious excitement of red, orange and yellow in the warm September sunshine, when a brisk, cold wind assaults the landscape until the leaves let go of their precarious hold to trees, when the colors have faded and the raw uncomplicated beauty of blues and browns of misty woods on a wet November day create a pensive moody atmosphere, trees beg to be painted.

The rugged landscape of Ontario's Near North - Muskoka, Bracebridge, Gravenhurst, Haliburton, Huntsville, Algonquin, Temagami - with enormous rock protrusions that seem to have burst up through the ground is featured in many of my paintings. Gigantic rock cliffs of the Pre-Cambrian Shield are covered with a colorful mixture of deciduous and coniferous forests that, viewed from space, must appear to be an attempt at camouflage. Enormous boulders, smooth river rocks and little pebbles that line the path of a meandering stream range from naked to moss-covered. I think there must be an Echo Rock in almost every Lake in Cottage Country - a place where you cannot resist calling out "Hello-o-o!" and miraculously, you always get an answer! Rocks beg to be painted.

On a beautiful fall day, the thousands of lakes encircled by rings of cottages, docks and boat houses, that are sprinkled throughout Ontario and Manitoba reflect blue skies and amazing technicolor sunsets amid undulations of spectacular color-splashed hills. A chattering creek appears, sauntering boldly from its source deep in the golden woods, determined to reach an unknown destination, eager to divulge the location of the secret treasure of Northern Gold. The meandering Northern Ontario creek contains many catch basins and calm little pools abundant with life that spreads throughout the colorful Autumn landscape. When the lonely call of the loon echos through the silent morning Lake Of Bays mist, when shimmering red, orange and yellow reflections ripple down Polywog Creek, fall over a rock ledge and explode into a vibrant pool of color , when the mighty thundering rapids of the Ottawa River tumble over and smash against gigantic boulders, water begs to be painted.

Fantastic sunsets viewed from a high altitude look-out ridge on a walking trail in Northern Ontario's Algonquin National Wilderness Park, emphasize the seemingly infinite colorful autumn vista. From this perspective, the problems you thought you had seem trivial and unimportant and you begin to comprehend your own insignificance. When a golden sunset competes with rival storm clouds for prominence in the September sky, the awesome beauty of Lake Superior is undeniable, yet such ominous dark gale producing clouds are a reminder that this, the largest of the Great Lakes, demands respect. When a Chinook blows in, temperatures can fluctuate drastically, churning up intense prairie storms that blast through and leave us with extravagant sunsets in unobstructed vistas. When a spectacular autumn prairie sky embraces Saskatchewan wheatfields, when wind-battered pines and marsh grasses stand in silhouette against a striking Muskoka dawn, when heaven is ablaze in a red glow behind a dilapidated weather-beaten New England barn, sky begs to be painted.