baseball, hockey, soccer, football, cycling and swim team sports art


Team action sports art in this gallery features baseball action paintings, sports celebrity portraits, Olympic hockey team prints, soccer art prints, action sports star portraits, football art prints, basketball paintings, extreme sports art prints, Olympic team action hockey prints, soccer poster prints, football paintings, basketball art, synchronized swim team prints, pairs figure skating team painting and more.

skiing, skating and winter sports art prints and paintings


Winter action sports art in this studio gallery features Olympic sports art, Olympic downhill skiing prints, Alpine skiing paintings, fine art winter sports paintings, snowboard cross art prints, figure skating art prints, cross-country skiing paintings, freestyle skiing prints, aerial skiing prints, mogul skiing art prints, ski jumping art prints, ski action paintings, sports celebrity portraits, ice climbing prints, Super-G racing prints, extreme skiing action art, telemark skiing art.

kayaking, canoeing and summer sports art prints and paintings


Summer action sports art includes kayaking paintings, white water kayaking art, white water canoeing art, extreme wind surfing prints, surfing action prints, Tour de France cycling posters, summer Olympic sports paintings, diving prints, scuba diving art prints, surfing art prints, water sports art prints, white water rafting prints, mountain biking art prints, thoroughbred horse racing art, equine art, extreme Rocky mountain biking, Kentucky Derby art prints and more.

art with children playing and sports pictures for kids


Kids action art in this gallery features paintings and art prints of children playing with a dog, kids on tire swing, kids playing baseball, boys playing in snow, girls playing dress-up, kids lemonade stand and boys with wagon. Childrens sports art includes children tobogganing, boys skateboarding, kids skating, children swimming, boys in treehouse, snowboarding, playing soccer, street hockey, basketball, children playing in the snow, boys on in-line skates and riding bikes.

child portrait art paintings


Child portrait gallery includes examples of hand painted child portraits, hand-painted children portraits, watercolor portraits, girl's painted portrait, boy's portrait painting, hand-painted baby portrait from photo, child portrait oil painting. Commission a family portrait, oil painting child portrait, hand-painted original watercolor portrait of your child. Order an original action painting direct from artist studio online. Hire this Canadian portrait painter direct.

sample paintings by portrait painter


Adult portrait gallery features hand-painted family portraits, wedding portraits, oil paintings, senior adult portraits, celebrity portraits, star portrait artist, political paintings, congressional portraits, head of state portrait, posthumus portrait from photo, professional hand-painted portraits, photo to painted portrait, painted portrait from photo, watercolor portrait art commission, watercolor portraits, oil painting portrait art, nude figure portrait oil paintings.

sample paintings by pet portrait painter


Pet, animal and wildlife gallery includes hand-painted pet portraits, dog portrait from photo, cat portrait from photo, horse paintings, equine art, wildlife paintings, painted farm animals, dog paintings, pet paintings, wildlife paintings, hound dog painting, loving mut paintings, show jumping champion horse painting, calico cat portrait, puppy pictures, kitten portraits, Labrador Retiever puppy portrait for sale by artist. Commission your pet portrait direct from artist.

caricature artist


The caricature gallery includes examples of caricatures including full color watercolor caricature of the boss and comical illustrations of emplyees. I will create comical watercolor images of your favorite characters at the office, the plant, your home, your school. Order a caricature of your best friend, your professor, your favorite graduate. Custom designed whimsical and fantasy Christmas Card Illustrations representative of your business with your company logo are a specialty.

winter landscape paintings


The North American winter landscape paintings in this gallery include Canadian winter landscape art, paintings of snow covered lakes and streams, frozen rivers and gurgling creeks of Northern Ontario wilderness, Southern Ontario farmland, seaside fishing villages of the East Coast. American landscape paintings include the spectacular New England winter scenes, winding winter creek paintings, snowy landscape paintings, winter sunset paintings, serene winter farmland images.

spring landscape art


Spring landscape art gallery includes rugged Canadian springtime landscape scenes, serene early morning spring fishing paintings, springtime babbling brooks scenes, moody blue and brown farm landscapes of early spring, Canadian spring landscape art, American spring blossom landscape paintings, babbling brook in springtime pictures, forest creek paintings in spring green, creek in the woods pictures, woodland creek painting, misty creeks of melting snow in spring sunshine.

summer landscape art prints


North American summer landscape paintings include paintings of early morning sunrise on serene Muskoka lakes, paintings of refreshing forest creeks bathed in summer sunshine, Northern Ontario Algonquin sunset paintings, East Coast fishing village scenes, Lunenburg Bluenose painting, Slovenija and a view of the Pacific near Seattle, spectacular sunsets reflecting in mirror lakes of Canadian wilderness, Southern Ontario farmland, peacefull pastoral valley landscape paintings.

autumn paintings


Dramatic colorful autumn landscape art, from the breath-taking fall color of New England to the muted moody autumn atmosphere of a Northern Quebec or New Brunswick forest, is vibrant, rich and warm. Included are paintings of Colorful fall forest creeks that wind through rugged northern Ontario wilderness, spectacular Algonquin sunsets, breathtaking red and yellow autumn reflections viewed from the dock on a pristine blue lake, striking prairie sunsets on a fall wheat field.

feminine still life art


Feminine still life art features sunny window scenes that include such objects as porcelain, canning jars, doilies, candles, wind chimes, potpourri, preserves, fruit and flowers. This delicate art for women features dainty objects on a farmhouse window sill, lacy billowing curtains over grandma's apple pie, raindrops trickling down a window pane, bouquet of fresh flowers image, porcelain and lace painting, wildflowers in a mason jar painting, pot pourri, figurines and books.

masculine still life art


Masculine still life art features paintings with duck decoys, paintings with snow shoes, painting of fishing tackle, barn saddle cowboy hat art, interior cabin in the woods still life of life jackets, canoe paddles, duck decoys, fly fishing basket fishing rod and binoculars. Still life art for men includes a cabin fireplace painting, rustic hurricane oil lamps image, paintings of carving tools for men, Hudson Bay blankets, hand-made Muskoka rocker, guitar, compass and straw hat.

flowers and garden art


Still life garden art features Canadian country gardens, hand-operated water pumps, old rusted out galvanized watering cans, buckets, clay pots, garden tools and wheelbarrows, spring planting flats of pansies, petunias, Wellington boots, perennials, bulbs, garden sheds, romantic greenhouse blooms. Paintings of the wild country charm of cottage English gardens with purple cone flowers, daisies and lilies to well-groomed Japanese garden still life with winding rock garden pathways.

musical instrument still life paintings


Musical instrument still life paintings, instrumental still life art includes piano paintings, violin paintings, cello paintings, flute painting, painting of harp, painting of metronome, still life conservatory scenes, farmhouse window scenes with musical themes feature paintings of musical instruments, dancing figurines, musical instrument prints, piano art prints, violin in a case painting, musical instrument art prints of guitar, mandolin, french horn, music stand with sheet music.

sample paintings by house portrait painter


Commission a house portrait, custom painting of your home from photo, watercolor painting of your cottage, cabin in the woods, beach house or summer house and hang it proudly in your city home. "Home is where the heart is". Before you move to your new dream home, commission a watercolor, oil painting or ink drawing of your first home, the home you raised your children in. Need a special gift for your parents? Consider an architectural drawing in ink or a pencil sketch of their home.

small town cityscape paintings


Cityscape paintings, city paintings, city scenes, heritage building portraits, architectural art, architectural drawings, cityscapes, home town architectural paintings, city art, order your home town painting from photo, commission a painted city scene, cityscape illustration. Commission a cityscape wall mural for your office reception or board room. City of Cambridge paintings include Mill Race Park look-out, Langdon Hall, manufacturing plants, Blenheim Chapel, market scenes and more.

landscape murals and commercial wall paintings by muralist


Hand painted custom designed commercial, residential and institutional Wall Murals will bring your new or newly renovated space to life! Commission a commercoal wall mural, residential decorative painting, faux painting, hand painted landscape mural, trompe l'oeil painting, oriental mural, Japanese mural with Kanji symbols, German pub mural, Paris mural, garden courtyard trompe l'oeil, abstract murals, organic design, silhouette paintings, tropical beach sunset undersea ocean mural.

sports wall murals


The kids will be ecstatic to have a life-size action sports mural of their favorite team painted across an entire bedroom wall. Imagine the fantastic atmosphere in your games room with a football, hockey, baseball, basketball or soccer mural on a feature wall! Picture your sports bar with an exciting formula one race car or Harley Davidson sports mural. Your physiotherapy or sports injuries clinic will be quite the attraction with a swimming, cycling, skiing or kayaking action sports mural.

fantasy wall murals for children


Treat your preschool children to a colorful fantasy mural and stimulate their imaginations. Commission a furry friends woodland creature mural, a princess mural, a dragon castle mural, a balerina mural - any theme that peeks their interest. My murals are custom designed to suit your child's interests and hand-painted to suit your decor. Commission a magical fantasy preschool daycare wall mural, fantasy teddy bear mural for your baby nursery, Noah's ark wall mural for Sunday School wall.

landscape paintings by Otto Werner


Landscape paintings by Otto Werner features paintings by my dad, Otto Werner including paintings of Germany, oil paintings of Canada, art of Ontario including Algonquin Park fishing camp scene, southern Ontario farmland, Grand River paintings, summer scenes, winter paintings and colorful autumn oil on canvas art. You will find a painting of Webster's Falls near Dundas, Ontario, Thousand Islands summer scene and Cressman's woods near Kitchener, Ontario

art for children


Shop for paintings for children including wall art for children's rooms, art for baby nursery, book cover illustrations, hand-painted full color pictures, picturebook art, painted storybook pictures, unique art for children, preschoolers picture gallery, children's illustrations, art prints for children, kids art prints, art prints for kids, storybook prints for kids, kids book illustrations for sale. Commission fantasy children's book illustrations for your book or romance novel cover design.

Otto Werner figurative pin-up art and female nude paintings


Paintings and Art Prints by Otto Werner for sale, Otto Werner paintings, Otto Werner Art Prints, Otto Werner prints, Otto Werner figurative art, nude figure art prints, nude woman paintings, prints of oil paintings for sale, original oil paintings for sale, deceased artist paintings for sale, female nude paintings and pin-up art. Also included are wartime sketches made during WW2 and an oil painting of a Mexican guitar player. Buy direct from artist studio, acrylic art, watercolor art, oil portrait art.

Otto Werner wood cookie mold carvings and decorator prints


Art Prints of Wood Carvings by Otto Werner for sale, Otto Werner carvings, Otto Werner Art Prints, Otto Werner prints, Otto Werner carving art, wood carving art prints, cookie mold carvings, prints of carved cookie molds, original carvings for sale, deceased artist artwork for sale, hand-carved cookie molds. Buy art prints, canvas prints, metal prints, acrylic prints, art posters and art cards of wooden cookie molds direct from artist studio, exclusively available here.

Pennsylvania Dutch, Mennonite/Amish Hex designs by Otto Werner


Pennsylvania Dutch, Mennonite, Amish Hex Folk Art by Otto Werner for sale. Buy Mennonite hex folk art, Amish barn hex folk art, Otto Werner Art Prints, Otto Werner time teller art prints, Waterloo County Mennonite hex folk art, Amish hex folk art, Hutterite, Pennsylvania Deutsch hex art and canvas prints. Buy art prints, canvas prints, metal prints, acrylic prints, art posters and art cards of Pennsylvania Dutch Hex signs from artist studio, exclusively available here.

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