inspiration sunset oil painting
Sunset Oil Painting

mountain stream watercolor painting
Mountain Stream Watercolor

sports action watercolor painting
Sports Action Watercolor

watercolor portrait of a child
Child Watercolor Portrait

autumn mountain stream watercolor
Autumn Watercolor Painting

Northern Lake Painting
Northern Lake Painting

Kayak action painting
Kayak Action Painting

sailboat action painting
Acrylic Action Painting

rural country mailbox watercolor sketch
Watercolor Sketch

saddle still life
Detailed Watercolor Art

acrylic on canvas painting
Acrylic On Canvas Painting

calla lily painting
Painting/Digital Effects

watercolor horse race action painting
Watercolor Action Painting

acrylic bakery wall Mural
Acrylic Wall Mural


Acrylic Paint - A synthetic-base paint. Its working properties are similar to oil paint, although acrylic dries more quickly and is water soluble. I use acrylic paint for some paintings on canvas such as SAILING SOULS and for most of my wall murals.

Acrylic Print - A reproduction in which an image is printed either directly onto an acrylic sheet or onto paper which is face-mounted by 1/8" or 1/4" acrylic. Acrylic prints have a wonderful reflective quality. Most of my original paintings are also available for purchase as acrylic prints.

Aquarelle - The French term for the process and product of painting in transparent watercolor. I never use white paint in my aquarelle paintings, employing the traditional technique of allowing the white of the paper to lighten color tones.

Archival Paper - Archival watercolor paper is any pure 100% rag, cotton, or linen watercolor paper of neutral or slightly low ph, alkaline (base) vs. acidic and pure ingredients. I use only archival paper for my watercolor paintings.

Art Print - An art print is a reproduction of an original painting done by photographing the painting and printing the photo on archival paper (see above). Almost all of my original paintings are available as art prints. These are much more economical than an original painting.

Canvas Print - A reproduction in which an image is printed directly onto canvas. These prints can be produced using offset lithography, digital printing or other methods. Most of my original paintings are also available for purchase as canvas prints.

Carving - A type of sculpture using various techniques of cutting, abrading or otherwise wearing the surface of a material to shape it into a particular form. Among the materials appropriate for carving include wood, sandstone, soap, plastic and wax. Visit my dad's hand-carved wood cookie molds.

Cast - To form a three-dimensional sculpture by pouring a molten or liquid material into a mold. The term is also used to refer to a work created by this means. There are many materials used in cast art, such as Pewter, Brass, Bronze, Cast Iron, silver and gold.

Ceramics - The art making of objects of clay and firing them in a kiln to a permanent form. Wares of earthenware and porcelain, as well as sculpture are made by ceramists. Ceramics are often decorated with glazes and fired again to fuse the glazes to the clay.

Commission - To order an original work from an artist. We welcome your inquiries into the commission of an original painting.

Conservation Framing - Methods of mounting and framing that preserve a print in original mint condition. One important aspect of conservation framing is that all material in actual contact with the print contains no chemicals that might eventually damage the paper or the inked image: these materials are usually described as "acid-free". All of my work is framed in conservation materials and methods.

Contemporary Art - Artworks created in our own time. All of the art contained in my galleries is contemporary.

Digital Special Effects - Digital special effects are created with photo manipulation software. There are many computer software programs available that can be applied to photographs to change their appearance. I applied some digital special effects to a photo of my watercolor painting called FROSTY WINDOW DISTANT SUN to create the effect of looking through a frosty window pane at a winter landscape.

Framing- The quality of materials used in creating your frame affect both its appearance and the longevity of your painting. Our museum quality framing features "conservation quality" matting and backing that meets stringent Library of Congress standards for document preservation. The museum quality matboard is lignin-free, featuring a pure white bevel that will not discolor over time. We also use archival mounting materials.

Gallery Wrap - Also called a Museum Wrap. The canvas is attached to the stretcher bars by wrapping the canvas around the bars and attaching from behind. The image of the artwork continues around the sides seamlessly, giving a clean, contemporary look, allowing the artwork to be hung without a frame. My oil painting called INSPIRATION is among those painted on gallery wrapped canvas.

Landscape - A painting in which the subject matter is natural scenery. This site includes winter landscapes, spring landscapes, summer landscapes and autumn landscapes galleries.

Matting - Decorative board used in framing that provides contrast between the image and the moulding. Most matting is acid-free and is an important part of the conservation framing technique. All of my original watercolor paintings and art prints are framed with acid free matting to museum quality standards.

Medallion - Cast-metal medallions sometimes are issued in conjunction with the publication of prints, especially stamp prints. Design of the medallion artwork usually duplicates some portion of the print. Such medallions can be gold-plated, silver, bronze or even pewter.

Metal Print - A reproduction in which an image is printed directly onto aluminum sheets and gives a wonderful luminescent appearance to the prints which is even more vibrant than an acrylic print. Most of my original paintings are also available for purchase as metal prints.

Oil Paint - Paint made of pigment mixed with oil usually linseed. The oil serves to keep the paint fluid for a period of time and then as a drying and hardening agent. Appassionato is an oil painting.

Original Painting - A one-of-a-kind image created by an artist that often sells for several thousands of dollars. Many of my original paintings have been sold; however, art prints of these images are available. If you would like to order an original painting please contact me.

Original Prints - Prints, such as serigraphs or original lithographs, that are created without the use of photography. They are original because every print in an edition is created directly by the artist and may vary slightly from the other prints in the edition.

Photo Manipulation - There are many photo manipulation software programs that can be applied to digital photography to change the appearance of a photo. After taking a photo of my acrylic painting called IN THE MIST OF A MEMORY I applied some digital photo manipulation programs to the photo to create completely new and different images. These images can be purchased as reproductions but not as originals.

Plein Air - Means "Open Air" or "Outdoors". Often done quickly or on the spot. These paintings are usually less detailed and more impressionistic. FALL COLOR is one of my Plein Air watercolors.

Poster - A reproduction that is usually printed in unlimited quantities with a lower grade of paper and inks than limited - or open-edition prints.

Rag Paper - Paper containing a certain proportion of cotton fiber in its physical structure used for prints. The higher the cotton contents the higher quality the paper. All of my original watercolor paintings are painted on 100% cotton rag paper.

Relief - The apparent or actual projection of three-dimensional forms. Otto Werner's hand carved wood cookie molds are relief carvings.

Reproduction - An original work of art that has been replicated by photographic or other methods. Art print reproductions of my original paintings are available to order at a fraction of the cost of the original piece. Just click on the smaller image below an enlarged image for imformation about the art prints.

Sculpture - A three dimensional work of art. Such works may be carved, molded, constructed or cast. I am an amateur wood carver and have only completed a few wood for our own garden.

Shipping - Prices for shipping vary based on your location and the weight and size of the parcel (shipped framed or rolled in a tube makes a difference) and shipping method.

Sketch - A rough or loose visualization of a subject or composition. Some of my house portraits are not detailed paintings but loose quick drawings of pencil sketches, ink sketches and watercolor sketches.

Still Life - Any work whose subject matter is inanimate objects. My still life paintings have been categorized into four different galleries: feminine still life, masculine still life, garden still life and musical instrument still life galleries.

Study - A comprehensive drawing of a subject or details of a subject that can be used for reference while painting. This study of Michelangelo's Pieta is an oil pastel drawing by my dad. Otto Werner.

Thumbnail Sketch - Small tonal and compositional sketches to try out design or subject ideas.

Tone - The light and dark values of a color.

Trompe L'oeil - (Tromp'- loy) A French term meaning "deception of the eye." It is applied to painting so photographically realistic that it may fool the viewer into thinking that the objects or scene represented are real rather than painted. My Trompe L'oeil GARDEN MURAL is an example.

Vignette - A painting which is shaded off around the edges leaving a pleasing shape within a border of white or color. Oval or broken vignettes are very common as paintings as well as murals. My Paris wall mural is an example of a vignette.

Wall Mural - An original painting usually painted in acrylic paint directly onto the surface of a wall. It is also possible to paint a mural onto canvas and mount it to a wall afterward. This makes shipping an original mural possible. My BUNNY PLAYGROUND is an original acrylic wall mural that was painted directly onto a little girl's wall.

Wall Mural Print - A reproduction of an original painting which has been photographed and printed onto wall paper to be applied to the surface of a wall such as my TOUR DE FRANCE MURAL. Wall paper murals are more economical than an original mural and can be shipped rather than painted on site.

Wash - Used in watercolor painting, brush drawing, and occasionally in oil painting to describe a broad thin layer of diluted pigment or ink. Also refers to a drawing made in this technique. My Stowe Valley Farm painting is one of many watercolor paintings in which I used this technique.

Watercolor - Pigments dissolved in water. Watercolor painting is typically done on relatively rough-surfaced, absorbent paper. I always use good quality professional grade watercolor pigments for my paintings. The student quality is grainy and less vibrant in comparison.

Wet-on-Wet - The technique of painting wet color into a wet surface. (paper saturated). I typically use this technique when painting the backgrounds of my paintings and contrast this by employing a dry-brush technique on the subjects of my paintings for sharper details.

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