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Hunter was a remarkable family companion with an outstanding Golden Retriever character. He was completely devoted to his family, eager, extremely friendly, gentle and trustworthy with a kind expression. He was reliable, alert and, being a sporting dog, he was active and energetic with a playful personality. I attempted to capture the essence of his personality in this original hand-painted contemporary, realistic, informal portrait. I painted the details of the action by using action photographs as a reference, looking at a photo of Hunter as if he were in my studio.

A candid photo of your pet would make it possible to paint a detailed action painting in watercolor, oil on canvas or acrylic painting or wall mural without discomfort to your pet. If you have a favorite photo that you would like painted, email me your image and I will be happy to submit a free quotation for an original painting. If you are not happy with your photos, I would be pleased to take the photographs of your pet. Inquiries welcome! Unfortunately, the photograph that I took of this painting many years ago was done with pre-digital technology and not clear enough to reproduce as canvas or art prints.

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