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On the leading edge of modern technology, Toyota took the bold step to have the Canadian president of the company portrayed as he worked - the leader of the team - not an unapproachable icon in a sterile office. As a parting gift to the president of Toyota Canada, I was commissioned by TMMC to portray the president with some members of Team Toyota and the Corolla they produced. The manufacturing plant is reflected in the car's window. Contemporary portraiture, like today's lifestyle, is becoming less formal and rigid now that a subject can easily be captured in a natural unpretentious composition with the aid of photography.

Commission a portrait of the CEO of your corporation, your company president or your boss direct from the artist online or in person as a pencil drawing, watercolor or oil painting. Request a quotation for the commission of an original painting of your company CEO for your gallery of honor or as a retirement gift. My basic PORTRAIT PRICE LIST will give you a general idea of my fees; however, for a definite quote, please email your photo and specifications (size, watercolor, oil, acrylic, pencil) along with details you would like added, omitted, changed or combined with another photo. I would be delighted to see your photos and reply with your free price quote for the portrait. All commissions are hand-painted personally by artist Hanne Lore Koehler with sensitivity and attention to detail. Satisfaction guaranteed. We deliver worldwide. International clients welcome!

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