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Details of a photograph are especially important when it comes to posthumous portraits. The image of the bride in the treasured photo that her husband entrusted me with is etched in his memory. Although they lived a full life together, he chose to have her portrayed at their favorite moment in time as they began their life together. 1950's BRIDE is a posthumous portrait of a beautiful bride on her wedding day painted in loving memory at the request of her husband. Commission a portrait of someone dear to you, a celebrity you admire, a daughter you cherish, a loving parent you miss, a spouse you adore or a boudoire portrait from your photo direct from artist studio online. Buy canvas prints, art prints, posters, metal prints and art cards of your painting direct from artist studio gallery online.

I am very comfortable working in either oil, acrylic or watercolor. Before I begin a watercolor painting, like the one shown here, I usually complete a detailed drawing on the paper canvas in order that the proportions of the subject are the same as those in the photo. This is difficult to change in watercolor so I make sure the drawing is correct before I begin the painting.

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