Family Portrait From Photo

Proud of being chosen "Teacher of the Year", this teacher chose to be portrayed with a stack of her favorite books in an informal yet effective pose that took only an instant with the camera. Using the photograph as reference allowed me to paint the portrait as if she were actually standing in my studio. This use of photography has revolutionized portrait painting of today. This teacher did not have to stand in a strained pose for a long period of time while I painted details of her features and I did not have to hurry the painting as I worried about the comfort of my subject. I welcome your inquiry into the commission of an original watercolor portrait, oil painting or acrylic painting.

I am very comfortable working in either oil, acrylic or watercolor. Before I begin a watercolor painting, like the one shown here, I usually complete a detailed drawing on the paper canvas in order that the proportions of the subject are the same as those in the photo. This is difficult to change in watercolor so I make sure the drawing is correct before I begin the painting.

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