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This watercolor painting features two young boys playing in a tree house pirate fort. For prices, sizes, information about metal prints, posters, art cards, canvas prints, acrylic prints, framing, art prints, throw pillows, duvet covers, shower curtains, tote bags, phone cases and more . . .


Boys Playing In A Treehouse




A treehouse is a magical place where a child's imagination can flourish. A simple timber structure becomes a fort - the first line of defense against marauding pirates. Building it was as much fun for Papa as for the children, bringing back misty memories of his own childhood and creating a bond with his grandsons to last a lifetime. This treehouse in our back yard embraces an old Chestnut tree. It took many loving hours to construct during one young summer. It carried these daydream adventurers through winter months of story-telling with dreams of pirate adventures, hidden treasures and anticipation of new renovations to be done in the spring.


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painting of children playing in a treehouse


Original image size: 22" x 15"
Framed to size: 32" x 25"
PRICE: $1500.00

hand-painted by




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Hanne Lore Koehler:

To all the outstanding contemporary artists below who took the time to visit my website and comment on my work, I am deeply touched by your generous comments and warm welcome into the international community of artists hosted by Fine Art America! Your overwhelming support and selfless promotion are heart-warming. I am honored to get to know you through your art.

Comments by other artists:

Mary Chris Hines
Auburn, CA - United States
An awesome statement on Childhood! Love the colors and everything about it! l/f I also shared this on Facebook with my 4000 + friends!

GP Images
Pula - Croatia
Wonderful childhood painting! Absolutely gorgeous! l/f

Mahmoud FineArt
Frankfurt Am Main, He - Germany
I N C R E D I B L E Masterpiece of Art, Hanne. F/V/TW.

Melly Terpening
Sayre, PA - United States
Excellent watercolor painting, Hanne! L&F

Carlin Blahnik
Volente, TX - United States
Love this! Makes me smile and remember those fun times in my youth. Awesome artwork. Fav!

Donna Kennedy
Reno, NV - United States
Hanne, you captured the essence of childhood, outstanding artwork as always!...fav/tweet/love

Irina Effa
Zelenograd, Mo - Russian Federation
Stunning paint! L

Elaine Mikkelstrup
Tiny, ON - Canada
:) This one is wonderful, boys enjoying their childhood l/f

Will Borden
Lake Country, BC - Canada
Hi Hanne~~a tremendously beautiful & intriguing watercolor to showcase a very meaningful time with young grandsons and their grandfather- fine work!! F&L&Twt!

Daniel Eskridge
Marietta, GA - United States
Fantastic! It reminds me of my two boys.

Belinda Low
Singapore, SG - Singapore
So nostalgic! Reminds me of my childhood where we were left very much on our own and we played with neighborhood kids and roamed freely! Ahhh...Those were the days and thanks so much for sharing this wonderful, beautiful work, Hanne! F/V

Nora Shepley
Ashkelon, is - Israel

Michele Myers
Paradise, CA - United States
A delightful and beautifully painted evocation of the pursuits of childhood, Hanne! Love the boys captured hammering together their fantasy fort - L/F!

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan
Murphy, NC - United States
A wonderful piece Hanne! You have a way of capturing everyday emotion in such a special fashion. We added our Like! Celebrate life, Debra and Dave

Laurie Search
San Lorenzo, CA - United States
So sweet and wonderful, Hanne!!! :)))

Linda Troski
Watertown, CT - United States
Perfect to hang in a Boy's Bedroom

Jack Zulli
Sussex, WI - United States
A great portrayal of the young boys imagination, creative and well presented!;)

Angela Davies
Gettysburg, PA - United States
My sons had a tree house much like this one! Love the mood captured, wonderful work! LF

Darlene Kwiatkowski
Woolwich, NJ - United States
Very special and beautifully done as always! fv :)

Minding My Visions
Cedar Rapids, IA - United States
Adorable painting! Great detail and colors. Lovely work Hanne! L/F!

Mary Machare
Mequon, WI - United States
I adore this painting. I reminds me of summers on my Uncle's farm. Beautiful work, Hanne, LF Pin

Bill Caldwell - ABeautifulSky Photography
Alexander, ME - United States
Very cool Hanne, beautifully painted--looks like so much fun! f/v
Judy Arbuckle
Grayland, WA - United States
Oh so fabulous, I can hear them working. You bring such emotion to your work. I love everything you do! F/L

Mitch Shindelbower
South Lake Tahoe, CA - United States
Awesome in every way Hanne ! L/F

Lisa Knechtel
Burnaby, BC - Canada
I always wanted a tree fort when I was little and spent a lot of days hanging from branches. Wonderful storytelling here. L

Kume Bryant
Tucson, AZ - United States
This is so wonderful, another amazing work Hanne! vf tw g+

Marguerite Ujvary Taxner
Desert Hot Springs, CA - United States
Hanne, the most beautiful paintings are yours! You certainly have eyes! Marguerite

Linda Phelps
Austin, TX - United States
V. Excellant story telling in this painting. I like how well the pleasing composition fills the canvas. Charming boys.

Hazel Holland
Coeur D Alene, ID - United States
Beautiful work, Hanne! Brings back memories of my son's tree house days... V/F

Jim Fitzpatrick
South San Francisco, CA - United States
Beautiful work and capture of a very fun and special time in ones life! F/V

Betty Pieper
Scotia, , NY - United States
Brings back fond memories. I like your detail and yet you maintain a freshness. Nice work.

Praveen Chenna
Hyderabad, AP - India
This is a nice subject, loved the fine details Hanne. Cheers.

Dianne Lacourciere
Sturgeon Falls, On - Canada
Your paintings of children is spectacular & whimsical Hanne! Love this! f/v

Debbie Portwood
Doniphan, MO - United States
Fantastic work Hanne!! This really brings me back to when our twin boys were young!! v.f

Bob Orsillo
Uptacamp, Maine - United States
This painting does bring back those wonderful memories - many grand adventure were had. This is a very special work that captures the emotions of those days beautifully. v/f/g+/Tweet

Randy Rosenberger
Iola, WI - United States
One awesome piece of watercolor genius, Hanne, and I know Nava, and if she likes it, I like it. But, slight difference, and that is I truly love the characters you bring "alive" in your grandiose art works! You never cease to amaze me with your beautiful talented art work! Fave and vote, and thanks much for sharing!

Nava Jo Thompson
Bentonville, AR - United States
Hanne---starting promotion for your beautiful work for the WFS surprise an artist thread! Looking forward to this---I know there are many that I have visited. This one is special to me because I had two sons close together. We built a wooden fort in the backyard. Thank you for sharing and bringing so much joy to others through your work. fave/voted

David and Carol Kelly
Cedar Hill, TX - United States
Awesome work and subject matter.

Lenore Senior
Pueblo, CO - United States
Love this! Excellent painting and subject matter! v/f

Debbie Portwood
Doniphan, MO - United States
I know I commented here already, but another thought came to me about my boys is James, the older on by 2 minutes, still is so festinated by pirates and loves to dress up like on, he can even talk like one! :D Still a kid at heart at 26 years of age. :D

Angela Stanton
Anaheim, CA - United States
This is really sweet Hanne! v

Nina Fosdick
Mena, AR - United States
Ahh, brings back those tree house days! Beautiful! vf

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