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This still life painting features a mandolin, violin, model sailboat, music stand, metronome, and books in a vine-covered attic window by artist Hanne Lore Koehler. For prices, sizes, information about art prints, posters, art cards, duvet covers, acrylic prints, framing, throw pillows, canvas prints, shower curtains, tote bags, phone cases and more . . .


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As most of my still life paintings do, "Memories And Music" portrays deeper meaning and emotion than is initially apparent. This scene represents the age-old story of a young man torn between his love for a beautiful woman and the lust for adventure. Adventure having won the battle for his heart, the young woman he has left behind has only precious memories and music to console her.


Sunlight streams through an attic window across the mandolin which seems to be longing for far away places. It flickers through breezy leaves whose shadows elusively dot a violin that seems to protect precious love letters. The painting is filled with symbolism. Besides the obvious glass love birds precariously perched on the window ledge and the model sailing ship, some of the many visual metaphors include the broken violin string which represents the young lady's broken heart and the metronome stopped mid-beat which symbolizes the end of a romance, the end of a heartbeat, a memory frozen in time.

A fragile bouquet of dried flowers, perhaps a gift, teeters dangerously on the edge of a window ledge while intricate lace cascades over the edge like the frail feminine ego. Sheet music titled "Solitude (for the violin)" looms over the scene. Perhaps you can find more. I think you are right - I better stick to painting!

Painting Of Piano And Violin

MEMORIES AND MUSIC is a detailed watercolor still life painting of a violin, mandolin and other symbolic intems in a farmhouse vine-covered attic window by Canadian artist, Hanne Lore Koehler. Buy art prints,art cards,canvas prints, posters, acrylic prints of this watercolor still life painting direct from artist studio gallery online above - an excellent birthday or Mother's Day gift! Inquire about the availability of this original painting! All commissions are hand-painted personally by artist Hanne Lore Koehler. We deliver worldwide. Satisfaction guaranteed. International clients welcome!

mandolin still life painting


Original image size: 22" x 30"
Framed to size: 32" x 40"
Original watercolor painting price: $5,000.00

hand-painted by




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Hanne Lore Koehler:

To all the outstanding contemporary artists below who took the time to visit my website and comment on my work, I am deeply touched by your generous comments and warm welcome into the international community of artists hosted by Fine Art America! Your overwhelming support and selfless promotion are heart-warming. I am honored to get to know you through your art.

Comments by other artists:

Irina Sztukowski - an Francisco Bay Area, CA - United States
Amazing still life. Full of air, color and story! Congratulations on the sale.Irina Sztukowski

David Godbolt - Hockley, Es - United Kingdom
A very touching story and a beautiful watercolour painting to go with it! Wonderful detailing, beautiful colours and composition! Absolutely perfect in every way, more than that; everything is painted with such loving care and beauty Hanne........another masterpiece indeed!

Michele Myers - Paradise, CA - United States
Loved reading the moving story behind this beautiful still life, Hanne! Such expert draftsmanship in your painting of the sunlight and shadows, musical instruments and lacy fabric and the music - L/F!

Sabrina Wheeler - Daytona Beach, FL - United States
Such a touching image! Your work is beautiful. Love your perfect light/shadow/reflections especially!

Ann Horn -Livonia, Mi - United States
Beautiful place to make music, Hanne. Your still life near the window is most elegant. Love the inclusion of the metronome! f/l

Barbara Chase - Portsmouth, NH - United States
Nostalgic and beautiful piece, Hanne! lf

Vicki Caucutt - Bosque, NM - United States
This is a marvelous painting and such detail!! What wonderful work!! L/F

Mark Tisdale - Montezuma, GA - United States
Awesome still life - love the rich details!

Constance Lowery - Montvale, VA - United States
your work is very unique and beautiful. L/Fav

Skip Willits - Cayce, SC - United States
Love your work, love your style!

Antonis Gourountis - Athens, At - Greece
fantastic composition!!!! so excellent style ! one of the most favorite in this serie!! LF !

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Lake Worth, FL - United States
Gorgeous light and detail on this beautiful musical work of art Hanne! We added our Like! Celebrate life, Debra and Dave

Rosita Larsson - Stockholm - Sweden
Awesome!! Love the colors the motive ,the composion all of it!!! v/f/t

Alan Berkman - Rumst - Belgium
Love the contrast between the greens and blues and the orange and reds. Nice story too. You got my vote and a like.

Rosemary Colyer - Malaga, An - Spain
Wonderful painting and story, Hanne! Masterful execution! L/F

Debbie Portwood - Harievill, MO - United States
What a gorgeous scene! Love the arched window and the green vines and dappled sunlight! I also really love the weathered color of the paint on the interior! As well as all the rest of the items and how they are placed. I also spied a little glass bird on the window sill! :D What a sweet, heartbreaking story! Makes me so happy that my sweetheart chose me over adventure! We have had 40 yrs of adventure together! :D Big F/Love as always!!

Donna Kennedy - Reno, NV - United States
Wonderful detail and lighting Hanne!...fav/tweet/vote

Meg Shearer - Wayne, PA - United States
Beautiful! I love the subject and your colors and light and shadow! Gorgeous work! VF!!!

Trudi Simmonds - Melbourne, Vi - Australia
So beautiful, perfect light and colour

Lianne Schneider - Strykersville, NY - United States
Your work is so exceptional Hanne that I would so love to have this in my home. It's so warm and utterly beautiful and serene. I can't imagine anything lovelier than a room like this. Painted by a genius. F/L Shared.

Rosy Hall - Melbourne - Australia
I think what most amazes me about your art, after enjoying it for some time now, is that you are so technically brilliant it could become dry but never does. The technicality is balanced by visual poetry that enriches with every viewing. I could look at your work every day and marvel at how it expresses so much beauty. VF/tweet/G+

Jim Fitzpatrick - South San Francisco, CA - United States
Wonderful capture as always! I love the shape of the window! F/V

Donika Nikova - Sofia, So - Bulgaria
Wonderful! Bravo! v/f

HH Photography - Bradenton, FL - United States
This is so beautiful, Hanne. I love your depictions of all the musical instruments in your paintings. Love the story that goes with this one too. Fabulous work. v24/f

Jack Zulli - Sussex, WI - United States
Wonderful art, a joy to view;) v

Gurjeet Singh Kohli - New Delhi, De - India
Beautiful artwork.... love it :)

Nina Fosdick - Mena, AR - United States
Gorgeous still life, so rich in light and details. vf

Guy Ricketts - Livonia, MI - United States
Beautiful still life, so serene and colorful! vf

Mihyoun Lee - Gary, IN - United States
So lovely and soothing and sweet art....wonderful..- love this so much! v/f/t/g+

Bob Orsillo - Storybrooke, Maine - United States
I am captivated by the way you paint wood, it is so rich - I feel i can reach out and run fingers over the violin. Even the sheet music so elegantly done. V/F/G+/TW/SU

Angela Davies - Gettysburg, PA - United States
Wow! Stunning watercolor work! Love the subject, mood and comp as well as the wonderful use of light and shadow! I especially like the little dapples of sunlight in this work. Really draws in the viewer! Congrats on the well deserved features! FV

Mary Machare - Mequon, WI - United States
What a lovely and serene still life with the light playing on the musical instruments. Masterful work, Hanne. vf

Yumi Johnson - Sioux City, IA - United States
Wow amazing work of Art Hanne, it fabulous!! f/v

Barbara St Jean
Grand Forks, BC - Canada
Stunningly gorgeous!! Love it!! F/V

Gertrude Scheffler - Roesrath, NR - Germany
Die gesamte Galerie ist " Wow"

Nicole Ann OConnor - Gore, So - New Zealand
v/f This is absolutely fantastic Hanne!

Kari Fleming - Spokane, WA - United States
Absolutely beautiful work, what a tremendous talent you have!! f/v

Liz Viztes - Cleveland, OH - United States
Hanne, your attention to detail is amazing...from the notes on the sheet music to the reflections of sun bouncing of the instruments...beautiful work! :)

Lois Bryan - Brookeville, MD - United States
outstanding ... this really appeals to me on so many levels ... a feeling of loss, youth and life passing by, a gentler time ... but also of quiet happiness. Magical composition and light!!!!!! Just a big WOW!!!!!! Faved and recommended, for sure!!!! Am also adding this to the thread of "Most Favorite Artwork For Today" in Fine Art Discussions!!!!!!
... by the way ... just read your description ... thought you'd be interested to know that I "got" everything I wrote beFORE I read your note!!!!!

Jane Uphoff - Cunningham, KS - United States
This is so beautiful and dreamy.

Angel Ortiz - Playa Del Carmen, Qu - Mexico

Marsha Heiken - Cedar Rapids, Ia - United States
Hannah, This is beyond beautiful. I am going to get this card,as he was suppose to die 3 times in the last 1 1/2 years.He is about 92. Maybe get it for me. The name is great!!

Carol Groenen - Lithia, FL - United States
Wow--love the colors and the theme! Just beautiful. Congrats on your sale, Hanne!

Cheryl Carrabba - Maple Valley, WA - United States
this is exquisite in evoking emotion in the viewer. it is peaceful, it also for me brings up certain scents to the memory ...spring ~ rain ~ a slight dusty muggy attic smell on a warm afternoon ~ Lovely work

Charles Pulley - San Antonio, TX - United States
Truly heart warming and like a big hug from an old friend. A sense-memory pleasure to view your artistic gift.

Gilberte Figaroli - Fort-de-france, mq - Martinique

Lois Bryan - Brookeville, MD - United States
Hanne!!!!!! Congratulations on your sale!!!!! I recognized this favorite of mine immediately and had to come add my cheer!!!!! YAY!!!

Vrindavan Das - Vrindavan, U. - India
romantic beauty

Yuliya Glavnaya - Vrindavan, Ut - India
Gorgeous watercolor artwork with rich story in it!

Anne-Elizabeth Whiteway - Smithfield, VA - United States
Wow, look at all the details and the planning that must've gone into this fabulous painting., Congrats on sale.

Bruce Bley - Galt, Il - United States
Wonderful detail and use of color. Congratulations on your sale!!

Renate Nadi Wesley - Winchester, ON - Canada
Congratulations Hanne! This is truly an amazing piece of art...your talents blows me away! So much detail, and emotion..and the lighting is gorgeous!

Barbara Keith - Maple Heights, OH - United States
What a glorious piece!! Drew me right in and the fact that it's watercolor just blows me away.. excellent work!

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