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"Home is where the heart is". Before you move to your new dream home, commission a watercolor, oil painting or ink drawing of your first home, the home you raised your children in, the home you grew up in. Such a personal architectural rendering will always bring back fond memories of your first Christmas together, your child's first steps, a rung on your ladder to success.

Commission a painting or architectural drawing of your cottage, cabin in the woods, beach house or summer house and hang it proudly in your city home. It will always invoke those fun time memories with family and friends around the barbeque or bonfire, lounging on the dock with a good book, fishing, sailing, swimming.

Looking for a special gift for your parents? How about an architectural drawing in ink or pencil sketch of their home, the home you were raised in. They will surely appreciate such a personal gift and realize that you, too have fond memories of growing up there.

Hanne Lore Koehler

Written and painted by HANNE LORE KOEHLER, owner of Koehler Art Studio Gallery. An artist who has painted many watercolor, acrylic, oil paintings and murals of landscapes, portraits, still life, architectural and sports art, she is also an author and illustrator of children's books. You can find her on Google, follow her on Facebook and also on Twitter.

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